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Oregon Health News Edition July 2009

Edited by Rhonda Morin This is the first in a series of articles about Oregon’s mental health courts. Today: Washington County’s Mental Health Court offers compassionate approach Special Report: Peace of mind Washington County court takes new tack on mental illness Judge Marco Hernandez is speaking casually to a young man wearing jeans, a dress shirt […]

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Oregon Health News Edition June 2009

By Oregon Health News staff SALEM—Democrats passed a bill out of committee in late May that will increase by fivefold the tax on the state’s largest hospitals and start a new tax on insurance companies. Republicans, meanwhile, warned that the new taxes only pour more money into a broken system that is not sustainable. Plus: HB […]

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Oregon Health News Edition May 2009

House committee passes pared down health care reform bill Oregon’s House Health Care Committee passed a health care reform package that puts the shell of a health authority in place, but leaves the creation of an insurance exchange for another legislative session, all with the support of only one Republican. Plus: Senate reform bill All around […]

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Oregon Health News Hospital Report

Edited by Rhonda Morin The downturn in the United States economy has had an effect on hospitals’ bottom lines. Drops in investment income and variable rate bonds have made some hospitals in the state a bit squeamish; while others are confident they have the cash reserves to ride out the storm—as long as it doesn’t […]

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Oregon Health News Tort Reform Thumb, 2009

Oregon Health News Tort Report Special

Edited by Rhonda Morin In Oregon and throughout the United States, physicians and the law community have tried to find a balance between what is fair and what is economically sustainable when it comes to medical malpractice claims. This struggle is generally referred to as tort reform. In 1987, an Oregon law placed a $500,000 […]

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OHN Cover Page

OMIP Bound for Change

Oregon’s high-risk insurer to change The race to restructure Oregon’s health care system has begun. The state’s high-risk insurance and the health partnership offices are the first agencies to move under the wing of the new Oregon Health Authority. The merge was announced in late August, along with the news that the leader of the […]

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